How Psychology is a Lawyer’s Best Friend

Contrary to popular belief, psychology is not just simply something that involves the medical field. The skills learned from psychology can be used in many other occupations, including law. Sometimes, lawyers struggle with ways to get their clients to come to terms with the reality of their legal situations. By job shadowing a lawyer, it has been found that lawyers must analyze their client’s body language (which can act as indicators of stress). Once this is taken into account, certain coping strategies (such as emotion-focused coping and problem-focused coping) can be utilized to lower a client’s stress and anxiety. A lawyer needs their client to be calm and collected so that these feelings will not affect their decision making. It is their job to guide their clients towards the best path, even if it may not be the path they want to take. Psychology can also help lawyers get their client to improve their self-efficacy, which in turn, would also improve their resilience. This would overall make the case go much smoother. All of these definitions, methods, coping strategies, body indicators, and the positive results that come with following them, show that psychology can truly be a lawyer’s best friend. 

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  • Through observation, it has been found that psychology can be helpful in a lawyer’s everyday tasks. A client’s body language indicators of stress can be used to find the appropriate coping strategies. This can improve a client’s self-efficacy and resilience, stopping stress and anxiety from interfering with their decision making.

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11 thoughts on “How Psychology is a Lawyer’s Best Friend”

  1. Kimberly Lybarger

    This was a good presentation. Grace DeWitt demonstrated good presentation skills and content knowledge. The fact that Grace DeWitt is only a high school junior taking college courses makes it even more impressive. This is also an excellent demonstration of leadership by taking on a challenge to help make this online conference all inclusive and successful.
    NCSC is very proud of you Grace!

  2. Psychology is definitely a topic that can overlap into many other areas, especially law. Wonderful presentation and great speaking skills!

  3. This is a well put together presentation. I never really thought about how important psychology was to lawyers in their daily job to help clients mentally with stressful situations. This was super informative, so thank you for putting this together!

  4. I really enjoyed your presentation, your poster layout and your overall topic. I really do believe psychology is a lawyers best friend, as you said, in terms of understanding it for themself and those involved in the case.

    How did you get that amazing opportunity to job shadow an attorney?

  5. I really enjoyed watching your presentation and learning from you on how these two really do go together! Wonderful presentation and you have great speaking skills!

  6. Such a great job! I love the fact that you tied in the topic of psychology with the law in a new way that maybe not everyone thins of. In order for the clients to make good decisions and be able to tell their story in a cohesive and collected way, the client has to remain cool, calm, and collected even in such a triggering situation.

  7. Michelle Slattery

    Excellent work and dedication with this project, Grace! It is wonderful when students are able to apply course material to real life contexts, particularly an area you are interested in pursuing for a career. Very nice work presenting, discussing, and sharing this information!

  8. Hi Grace,
    you will be a great attorney. This was insightful. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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