Reimagine: Using Design Thinking to Bring Innovation to Your Honors Program

Your honors program hopes to attract the top students—but so does every other honors program in the country. What if you could position your honors program to be a one-of-a-kind learning experience that leverages your school’s strengths?

This workshop will guide you through the design thinking process to create new ideas for your honors program curriculum that can differentiate you in the field. Activities will help you reimagine curricular approaches that build on your school’s existing strengths.

Working in a small team, you will complete interactive tasks on a clear problem statement, including empathy and observation, ideation, and rapid prototyping and testing. You’ll envision how you might invigorate your school’s honors program in a way that is new and useful.

The workshop will be led by Julia Petersen, Creativity & Innovation professor from Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, MI). They are experts in design thinking and innovation processes and teach in their one-of-a-kind honors program called CIHI (Creativity & Innovation Honors Institute), which combines great books with creativity & innovation. The CIHI program was created with the help of design thinking and the workshop will include insight into CIHI’s creation process and current success.

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  • Don Perini
  • Workshop
  • Using design thinking methods, this workshop will help you envision ways to invigorate your school’s honors programs with new curriculum ideas and program directions by leveraging your school’s existing strengths.

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