The Power of Peers: An exploration of the many dimensions and multiple impacts of Honors Peer Advising

Peer to peer academic advising can be an impactful and valuable addition to any Honors College’s or Honors Program’s array of student support services. From face to face meetings to on line interactions, the communications network established between Honors students in an academic advising relationship can be especially useful and powerful in moving students through the rigors and requirements of their academic and honors work.

In this hand on workshop, we share descriptions of the various components of the Academic Peer Advising  structure we have built within our Honors Program at Indiana University East, and then lead participants in brainstorming about ways in which our approaches and protocols might inform or enhance their current or planned efforts in this area.

Orientation, training and professional development associated with Honors peer advising will be discussed, along with innovative strategies, programs and projects on which the Indiana University East Honors Program Peer advisors are currently working. Finally, assessment protocols will be discussed, along with ways in which Peer advising can support student attainment of the essential learning objectives of the college’s or program’s undergraduate Honors plan.

  • Julia McCullough and Calev Dawson
  • Workshop
  • In building support for students' study and work within Honors, a powerful component can be peer mentorship. From face to face contacts to on line meetings, creating a peer to peer academic advising network within an Honors College or Honors Program can be an impactful and valuable addition.

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