Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources

The issue of scarce medical resources and how those resources should be allocated affects healthcare industries around the world.  Numerous factors exacerbate these resources, and many negative outcomes result from the scarcity.  To help alleviate the negative effects, medical professionals must consider different methods of allocation, like the ten main allocation principles.  With each principle there are various ethical concerns about what would be best.  This includes the legal effects that can result from allocation and restrictions, such as from health law and reforms.

The purpose of this poster is to inform others on the primary allocation principles and methods for scarce medical resources, ethical implications, legal applications, downsides, and advantages. Also, the work is meant to inform on the following: the general issue of scarce medical resources from multiple perspectives, significance of correctly allocating such resources, problems this issue leads to, related health care dilemmas, and analysis of outcomes and behaviors. To do this, a literature review was performed using various databases and online journals.

The US health care system, like most other health care systems around the world, requires great changes and difficult decisions to rejuvenate and sustain it.

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  • This poster describes the ten main allocation principles used for scarce medical resources, delves into the ethics of each, describes their pros and cons, applies them to real-world health care system issues around the world, and introduces examples of legal, ethical, and behavioral outcomes of allocating these limited resources.

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2 thoughts on “Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources”

  1. Great job, Téa! I found your presentation fascinating, especially in light of the covid-19 pandemic. Congratulations!

  2. Hey Cathy, I’m glad to hear that. And thank you! It’s interesting because with the pandemic I’ve seen these principles put to use, like over in Italy for some hospitals I’ve heard “Prognosis” be used for allocating resources.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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