Observational Learning and Society

I plan for the poster to touch on what observational learning is and how it was originally researched. From there I would apply it to our society today with the goal of examining how principles of observational learning are both beneficial and detrimental to society. After addressing the primary concerns of observational learning I would conclude by going over how changes can be made that would benefit society. All research used would be from peer-reviewed journals and trusted academic sources. The primary objective of this poster will be to explain how observational learning works both against and for society’s improvement. Another goal includes spreading awareness of observational learning in order to improve society.

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  • This poster will focus on observational learning, specifically how it works and how it applies to society today. This will cover the detriments of it and how those can be reduced or avoided, as well as possible benefits. Dr. Albert Bandura‚Äôs experiments will be a center focus of the research as many of the primary concepts of observational learning can be seen in his experiments. These concepts include modeling aggressive behavior, and the role that rehearsal plays.Topics that will be focused on in context of observational learning will be observed violence, media impact and cultural transmission through observational learning.

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  1. I enjoyed your presentation, William! I learned a lot about observational learning. It was great that you were able to use a conversational tone during your presentation– that’s challenging to do. Congratulations!

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