Urban Excursion: Cleveland State University and Its Environs


Straight down Euclid Avenue (go east!) on the other side of Cleveland’s iconic Playhouse Square, you’ll find the campus of one of our host institutions: Cleveland State University. As you explore the campus and its environs, take note of what you see. Employ the intellectual tools of mapping (Note centers of activity, transportation routes, and points of interest), observing (What kinds of residences, businesses, etc. are here? How do people present themselves?), listening (Don’t be pushy, and do respect others’ privacy, but see if you can strike up a conversation with one or more people from the area; ask the kinds of questions you might have if you were thinking of moving to this part of town), and reflecting (What can you infer about this area from what you see? How might your own assumptions and biases influence your conclusions?).*

The scavenger hunt below will take you all over campus and encourage you to think creatively about it. (It’s okay if your team doesn’t agree about everything!) Take pictures of the scavenger hunt items/locations you find, and share them on social media with the hashtag #MEHA2022. Be sure to download the Cleveland Historical app for your Apple iPhone or visit their website to look up sites of interest. The CSU campus map is available here.

Have fun!

Scavenger Hunt Items

  1. An ideal spot for people-watching
  2. The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Honors College
  3. The CSU Student Center
  4. The most attractive building on or near campus
  5. The ugliest building on or near campus
  6. A place to get a cup of coffee
  7. Something that seems out of place
  8. Wolstein Center
  9. A place where’d you like to have an outdoor class (when the weather is agreeable!)
  10. Nature
  11. Fenn Tower
  12. An outside place that is enjoyable in winter
  13. Something for people who are not students
  14. Mather Mansion

Getting There

On Foot

Head east on Euclid Avenue to E. 21st Street which will be the center of campus and the Cleveland State University Student Center. This is a good starting point.

By Bus

Walk to Euclid Avenue & E. 6th Street Station

Departure Stop: Euclid Avenue & E. 6th Street Station (Healthline bus to Stokes Windermere Station)

Arrival Stop: East 19th Street

Return trip:

Departure Stop: Euclid Avenue & E. 19th Street Station (Healthline bus to Public Square)

Arrival Stop: Euclid Avenue & E. 6th Street Station


Public Transit Information

Healthline #6 Bus – Bus runs east/west on Euclid Avenue

How to pay fares?

On the bus – $2.50 payable in cash only (one-way)

On the bus – $5.00 payable in cash only (All day pass)

All-Day Passes are available for purchase on all RTA vehicles at the farebox, ticket, vending machines, and at retail agents.

Vending machines – 1-day pass can be purchased at machines along Euclid Avenue at Public Square, E. 6th Street, E. 9th Street, and beyond.

Retailers – 1-day pass can be purchased at Gateway Newsstand 230 West Huron Rd and Booklein Books (1228 Euclid Ave).

Mobile ticketing is available by downloading the RTA app http://www.riderta.com/mobileticketing