Urban Excursion: Ohio City – Daily Urban Life

Photo credit: Ohio City Incorporated http://www.ohiocity.org/

Background and Instructions

Starting point: the Historic West Side Market, 1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 

Originally a city in its own right, Ohio City was annexed by Cleveland in the 1850s and in recent years has become a popular destination for foodies and craft beer enthusiasts. Be sure to check out the wares at the West Side Market, and even if the weather is cold, pay a visit to Mitchell’s Ice Cream on West 25th Street, considered by many the best ice cream in northeast Ohio. If you’d like to explore more of the near west side before you head back to the conference, other areas of interest include the Gordon Square neighborhood (West 65th Street & Detroit Avenue, and surrounding blocks), Edgewater Park and Edgewater Beach, and the Tremont neighborhood (home, among other things, to Ralphie’s house in the 1983 holiday classic, A Christmas Story — 3159 West 11th Street). These neighborhoods are among the most diverse in Greater Cleveland, and exemplify many of the opportunities and challenges of urban gentrification.

While exploring Ohio City and other neighborhoods, take note of what you see. Employ the intellectual tools of mapping (Note centers of activity, transportation routes, and points of interest), observing (What kinds of residences, businesses, etc. are here? How do people present themselves?), listening (Don’t be pushy, and do respect others’ privacy, but see if you can strike up a conversation with one or more people from the area; ask the kinds of questions you might have if you were thinking of moving to this part of town), and reflecting (What can you infer about this area from what you see? How might your own assumptions and biases influence your conclusions?).*

Take pictures of the scavenger hunt items/locations you find, and share them on social media with the hashtag #MEHA2022. Be sure to download the Cleveland Historical app for your Apple iPhone or visit their website to look up sites of interest.

Have fun!

Scavenger Hunt Items

  1. A welcoming storefront
  2. A house you’d like to live in
  3. A fence you love
  4. A fence you hate
  5. Something that only locals (Ohio City residents) likely use
  6. Something that defines Ohio City
  7. A butcher shop that used to be a fire station
  8. Beef jerky
  9. Something beautiful
  10. Something sad
  11. An interesting yard or landscaping
  12. Something in a set of three
  13. Something that smells good
  14. A sign of spring
  15. A high school that used to be a college

Bonus Items

  1. The word: “Metzner”
  2. This sign:

3. This house:

Getting There

By Bus

$2.50 each way or $5 all-day pass: visit http://www.riderta.com/fares

Head southwest on Superior Ave toward E 3rd St. Turn right onto E 3rd St. Turn left onto Superior Ave. Bus stop will be on the right. 0.12 miles – 3 mins

 Bus #22 (Lorain to Westgate TC)

Departure Stop: Superior Ave & East Roadway

Arrival Stop: Lorain Av & W 25th St

 Bus #51-51A (MetroHealth Line to Parma TC)

Departure Stop: Superior Av & East Roadway

Arrival Stop: W 25th & Lorain

By Train

$2.50 each way or $5 all-day pass: visit http://www.riderta.com/fares

Red Line Rapid Transit (Subway towards Airport)

Enter Tower City Center from Public Square and head to the lower level

5-minute ride from Tower City

Departure Stop: Tower City Center

Arrival Stop: W.25-Ohio City Station

 By Uber/Lyft

7 mins travel, 2 miles, $9- $15