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Feedback from Peer Mentors About Student Engagement (Faculty Panel)

location_on Location: Kaiser B

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access_time April 08 01:00-01:50

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  • assignment_ind Phwandaphwanda, K. “ Feedback from Peer Mentors About Student Engagement ”
    In this session, the presenter will share feedback from Peer Mentors in the Lewis Honors College at the University of Kentucky. The presenter will also share about areas of improvement that the Peer Mentors suggested that might contribute to an increase in the overall engagement of students within the Lewis Honors College. The importance of this work is that it gives a voice to Peer Mentors as contributors to the engagement opportunities for student growth within the College. In this case, Peer Mentors are seen as co-creators of an engagement full environment and not mere consumers of activities/initiatives from administrators.The objective of this session is to open up conversation about the significance of opening up opportunities for student leaders to effectively contribute to discussions about issues that affect them and other students on a daily basis. Information from the session was gathered during a semester long conversation with students leaders through a course that they all take every semester. During that semester (spring 2021) Peer Mentors were assigned questions to discuss and provide input about the programming model that existed at that time and the leadership experience they were having. What areas needed improvement? Students were assured that their feedback would be taken seriously and used.The results provided an opportunity for the leadership team to see where changes needed to be made in order to engage more students in the college.
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