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  • assignment_ind Freeland, H. “ No One Needs to Know How Bad It Hurt – A Collection of Poems ”
    In this selection, I have 6 poetry pieces I have written that all have a very important meaning to me. I named this presentation “No One Needs to Know How Bad It Hurts” because every piece within the presentation offers a view about different and somewhat sensitive topics that everyone may relate to in some way. I feel as though they can be interpreted in multiple different ways in order to relate to several others. Some are more in depth and thought-provoking while the others are shorter with just a message that is just as meaningful. These poetry pieces do not follow a certain theme, pattern or rhyme scheme but are just my own thoughts put into words.
  • assignment_ind Ryan, B. “ "Déjà vu” and Other Poems “
    In the poems presented here, I explore the themes of death, grief, and depression. I used my own experience in life as inspiration for creating them. Sylvia Plath’s exploration of darker themes, as well as her propensity for sharing the realness of life, are a moderate inspiration for my poetry. These particular poems were written in the spring semester of 2021. They began as an assignment to create a poetry portfolio with various types of poems. “What Seems to be the Problem?” was originally an assignment to create a spoken word poetry jam in my creative writing course. “Grieving Memories” is a pantoum that uses repetition of lines to morph and change the message of the poem as it goes on. “Déjà vu,” as well as “So They Say,” were written apart from any assignment, in my free time. These poems have not gone through revision aside from minor grammatical edits, nor have they been workshopped. I hope these poems one day become part of a larger collection that I plan to publish.
  • assignment_ind Webb, J. ” Poetry and Neglect “
    My presentation will illuminate the concept of neglect, and the harsh realities of it in our society today. I have written three poems about the neglect of animals, and about the impact it has on these animals. My presentation will include the reading of my poems, followed by quick commentary on how abuse is not just physical harm. Neglect is a real issue that comes in many forms in our society. I will provide additional commentary about the purpose behind these poems, and how this actually correlates to the classroom as well. As an education major, neglect is a real issue I may encounter in my future classroom as may others. Neglect doesn’t just happen to animals, but children as well, so my comments will highlight this, and the impacts we are seeing today.
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