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Peer Mentoring in a Difficult Time (Roundtable)

location_on Location: Emanuele C

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access_time April 08 02:00-02:50

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  • assignment_ind Phillips, J., Ramirez, A. & Phillips, J. “ Peer Mentoring In A Difficult Time ”
    Peer Mentoring is a program that many Honors Colleges encompass. Peer Mentoring is anamazing program and benefits both the mentors and the mentees. However, within thepast two years, a global pandemic has forced us to change the ways and methods thatmentors support their mentees. As education has moved to a virtual platform, theinteractions that mentors and mentees normally share have now been limited to a screen.This has seemed to discourage true emotion and interactions from mentees and oftencauses them to not become engaged in the mentorship, if they were engaged from thebeginning. During these times, how is it possible to get mentees to engage with theirmentors? We cannot force a student to engage with their mentor, but they will not knowthe true benefits of the program until the go through it.
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