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Learning History by Living It (Roundtable)

location_on Location: Kaiser A

(Links to papers / posters are embargoed until 4/7)

access_time April 08 02:00-02:50

All times in Eastern Time Zone

  • assignment_ind Thompson, I., Morgan, M., Risley, R. & Olsen, D. “ Learning History by Living It: Research, Roleplay, React ”
    An exciting opportunity awaits students and instructors in upper-level social science courses. Reacting to the Past, an active learning pedagogy of historical reenactments, provides students with a fresh perspective on global events. After an introductory lecture by the instructor, students are given a guide book on a particular era, and from then on they assume the identity of an historical figure. Next, they engage in extensive research of primary sources to prepare for authentic ideological debates and presentations. To apply their research, students lead group discussions guided by the worldviews of their characters. In doing so, they learn to communicate, collaborate, and compete effectively to advance their varied objectives. Finally, depending on their choices throughout the game, students may even deviate from the course of history and generate completely different outcomes. Navigating the intellectual, political, and social currents of the past, students gain a unique and interactive learning experience. A team of past Reacting to the Past participants will share their experiences with this educational series and reflect on how impactful it was in their understanding of history. As noted by Reacting to the Past’s website, there’s a new way to learn history—by living it!
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