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Covid-19 across Disciplines

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  • assignment_ind Fisher, H. “ The Social Effects of COVID-19 on International Business: The Varying Responses of the World After Lockdown ”
    March 2020 came with a multitude of issues as COVID-19 swept the world into a panic most had never seen before. In the midst of lockdowns and the new world of at-home working, the structure of international business was completely changed. In the U.S. alone we discovered the overwhelming cultural differences between each other that had traditionally been overcome through face-to-face interaction. From the world of Zoom and digital meetings, members of this field had to learn to adapt and get their point across without offending the other party. Then as things began to open up, associates once again had to learn to adapt to the various responses of each region. This paper will examine those responses and provide evidence to explain what adaptations members of this field need to take in order to have the most success in the business world. To gather the research needed, scholarly research articles and works of popular litaerature were assessed, individuals who were directly involved in the field were interviewed, and the data was analyzed.
  • assignment_ind Luckett, K. “ The Relationship between Introversion/Extroversion and COVID-19 Health Precautions ”
    For the purposes of this project, my research team and I created a survey for participants about COVID-19 related precautionary behaviors and psychological variables that might be related to someone’s willingness to undertake such behaviors. For my portion of the study, I focused on one’s level of introversion or extroversion and what COVID precautionary measures they have taken during this pandemic. My hypotheses were that people who identified as more extroverted would be taking fewer precautions the longer the pandemic continues. Furthermore, I hypothesized that people who identify as more introverted would have had an easier time following COVID-19 related guidelines. The presentation will include the findings of my portion of the study and whether or not they supported my initial hypotheses.
  • assignment_ind McBride, K. “ “Six Feet Apart”: The Different Experiences of COVID-19 ”
    Research has shown that the recent COVID-19 pandemic affects individuals in different ways. Data that I and fellow classmates collected in spring 2021 highlight how individuals make sense of the pandemic and their response to guidelines. To collect information, a total of 28 interviews were conducted amongst seven students in a 400-level sociology capstone course. In turn, the interviews were used by each student to code for four themes (such as adaptability, feeling trapped, closeness, and helplessness). The results of our research showed that COVID-19 affects individuals differently in both positive and negative ways. While the pandemic allowed some individuals to grow closer, other individuals felt trapped because they were unable to leave their houses. Results also revealed that there is no right or wrong way to view a pandemic; interviewees had different ideas and opinions about what the benefits or obstacles of the pandemic were. This research is important because it highlights how the pandemic changed society’s view of the world. It shows that people have come to understand that they have taken other people, pets, and even inanimate objects for granted. The pandemic has helped us love, cherish, and appreciate such things more.
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