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  • assignment_ind Etris, E. “ Social Emotional Learning Resource Unit ”
    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an essential part of the education system today. As schools resume in-person instruction, educators are now responsible for teaching students who have been learning remotely through a computer screen with minimal structured interaction with their peers for up to two years. As students return to school, educators have been given an opportunity to give students a new beginning for their social interactions. This project was created to engage students that I work with in applying comprehension skills that I am teaching while also teaching them how to interact in a positive way with their peers. Using Ohio’s new SEL Standards, educators can now use explicit standards to educate their students. My project, a SEL Resource Unit, is comprised of five mini-lessons that each contains an age-appropriate book corresponding to a specific literacy standard. The purpose of this project was to create a resource for all educators to use when teaching SEL as new requirements come into being. Going forward, the use of SEL standards in conjunction with the Common Core provides an innovative and socially engaging way to provide students with the skills they will need in life and the knowledge they will need to continue their education.
  • assignment_ind Mills, B. & Ph.D., P. “ Cross-cultural Design Thinking: a Workshopped Exploration of Creative Preschools in Indigenous Communities ”
    This paper presents the process of designing creative workshops that inform the construction of preschools in indigenous communities in Nicaragua. The author aims to answer the following: What is the most effective way to design and execute a workshop that enables the Mayagna people to create a preschool for their local community? How can this preschool foster and retain creativity among children through its architecture while remaining culturally celebratory and relevant? The author uses the Design Thinking process to develop a workshop for community leaders to conceptualize, ideate, and prototype these buildings. By combining research on creativity in early education and Mayagna culture with the five-stage development process of the workshop, the author draws conclusions that provide guidance for future direction and further research to begin building a culture- and creativity-promoting preschool in a Mayagna community.
  • assignment_ind Wood, A. “ Interventions for Trauma-Informed Classrooms ”
    A trauma-informed classroom provides an overview of how much students’ academics are impacted by the trauma they are faced with. Having faced trauma that impacted my academics negatively, it is important to help students cope with the things they experience, rather than being hard on them, which could cause them to hate school. Researchers confirm that a child’s life experiences affect their behavior, which can impact their academic performances (Pickens \& Tschopp, 2017). As a student teacher, this researcher had found strategies and interventions that teachers and teacher candidates could implement into their classrooms to create and run a Trauma-Informed Classroom that their students would benefit from. The researcher implemented these interventions and strategies into lessons over the course of two semesters and saw positive feedback from students. This presentation will detail those findings and the researcher’s experience while implementing those strategies.
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