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Date: 04/09/2022
Time: 09:00-10:30

location_on Location: Burlington

  • assignment_indAbney, K.  “Just Horsin’ Around: A Content Analysis of Equestrian Representation on TikTok” 
    The equine industry relies heavily upon social media for broadcasting, advertising, sales, and more. Because of the importance of social media to the success of the industry, it is imperative that the sport is represented safely and accurately in order to prevent stigma and false interpretations. This study aims to analyze equestrian videos posted on the social media platform TikTok. The focus of the analysis is to recognize relationships between safe riding practices and viewer interactions, with an emphasis on comment connotation. The platform of TikTok was chosen due to the average age of users, which is consistently younger than other social media platforms. With the continued success of the horse industry dependent on interest of younger generations, this analysis will determine relationships between the horse industry and public perception, as well as how these relationships could potentially impact the industry in the future.
  • assignment_indAllender-West, D.  “How To Add Humor To An Otherwise Boring Speech” 
    Dan West is an accomplished comedian and public speaker. His success as a speaker draws on his ability to connect through humor, putting audiences at ease and making them receptive to topics of all kinds. This presentation will show attendees how to effectively (and appropriately) add humor to their presentations, making them more interesting, dynamic, and engaging.
  • assignment_indBailey, M., Inchauregui, R., Shoop, B. & Marr, D. “Effects of the understory shrub Lindera benzoin (Spicebush) on maple and beech tree seeding abundance in an Old Growth Indiana Forest”  “Effects of the understory shrub Lindera benzoin (Spicebush) on maple and beech tree seeding abundance in an Old Growth Indiana Forest” 
    Bendix Woods Nature Preserve is an old growth forest located in Indiana. We surveyed the 27-acre nature preserve for diversity of tree species and measured diameter at breast height. A 1967 survey of ten acres of the nature preserve showed that Fagus grandifolia was the most common canopy tree and Acer species were second most common. The 2021 survey shows that the frequency of Acer species has increased so that it is now the dominant tree species making up 37\% of all trees, and F. grandifolia has decreased in frequency to 16\%. To determine whether Lindera benzoin affects establishment of maple and beech seedlings, we compared twenty 10 m2 plots with no L. benzoin with thirty 10 m2 plots with an average of 12 L. benzoin per plot. We found that there was no difference in the number of Acer seedlings in plots with low vs. high numbers of L. benzoin. However, there were twice as many F. grandifolia seedlings in plots with high numbers of L. benzoin compared to low density plots.
  • assignment_indBargiel, M.  “Changes in a Bilingual Proficiency Over Time” 
    Research on bilingualism indicates that first language (L1) skills are affected in language minority contexts. When U.S. Spanish-speaking children start English-only education, Spanish skills are negatively affected. Children with limited exposure to their L1 may stagnate or lose grammatical skills in their L1 while their skills in their second language (L2) improve. This study investigated Spanish and English grammatical development from preschool through third grade in a child attending English-only education in Arizona. In Arizona, there is an English-only policy in schools, and no support is provided for bilingual education in Spanish. As part of a greater longitudinal project, the same child completed a retiling task every academic year in both languages. We compared the following measures: mean length of utterance (MLU, a measure of language productivity), subordination index (SI, a measure of language complexity), and percentage of grammatical and ungrammatical sentences.
  • assignment_indBell, M. & Campos, A.  “Impacts of Student Community Service in Local Communities” 
    The Purdue University Northwest Honors College emphasizes the importance of students making an impact through local community service work. Students must complete 20 hours of community service per academic year to remain a member of Purdue Northwest’s Honors College. Students are welcome to complete these hours in or out of the university, which offers a number of opportunities. These opportunities have impacted local nursing homes and schools, as well as different members and groups of the school. Purdue Northwest also pairs with organizations, such as a program that provides services to people with disabilities and an interactive and informational center for children. Community service work benefits students, as it provides career and academic skills while benefiting those around them. This poster will provide other universities with ideas and guidelines to promote an expansion of community service in their school and area.
  • assignment_indBradley, K.  “Investigating Osmosis and Hemolysis in Red Blood Cells” 
    Many students have a difficult time visualizing osmosis, the movement of water down its gradient, which plays a crucial role in comprehending the movement of fluids in the human body. This lab seeks to help students achieve a deeper understanding of osmosis by allowing them to observe the effects of different sodium chloride concentrations on mammalian cells. This was achieved in the lab by mixing whole sheep’s blood with various saline solutions and recording the variations in the hematocrit values in response to the different solutions. The saline solution was predicted to cause the red blood cells to shrink in size because it is a hypertonic solution. The saline solution was observed to have a significantly lower hematocrit value than the undiluted sheep’s blood which supports this hypothesis. Ultimately, the conclusions drawn from this lab helped to demonstrate a new and engaging way of teaching the fundamental process of osmosis to students beyond just reading from a textbook.
  • assignment_indBurkhanova, U. & Sciences, D.  “Generation of Functional Lung Epithelial Cells from iPSC with and without Endothelial Cells Co-culture” 
    To this day, the generation of functional lung and airway epithelial cells remains challenging. Often primary stem cells undergo spontaneous differentiation into other epithelial structures, or they gradually deteriorate after the first couple of passages. Many studies were conducted to maximize the efficiency of the differentiation into airway epithelial cells. We investigated the effect of the cell culture air-liquid interface (ALI) microenvironment on the differentiation by co-culturing with endothelial cells using two induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines, CWRU205 and CR00011. Both Immunostaining with key lung epithelial cell markers and qRT-PCR results have suggested that expression of certain lung markers such as NKX2.1, KRT5, TP63, FOXJ1, MUC5AC, MUC16 has been improved in the cells where co-culture with endothelial cells was performed. The outcome of the study holds a big promise for drug therapy research, in modeling respiratory diseases to develop and test new treatments.
  • assignment_indBurton, N.  “Trigonometry Used in Real-World Situations” 
    This is a poster displaying two examples of Trigonometry in everyday jobs. One shows arc length usage in architecture, and another shows the use of vectors and tangents in road curve design. With this presentation, I hope to show people how mathematics can be applied to things that some people do every single day.
  • assignment_indBwonya, E.  “Creating a Nutritious Oasis in the Urban Food Deserts of America” 
    In many states, people lack access to healthy and nutritious food in their grocery stores because they are perishable and expensive to store. When present, these foods are often costly. This project will explore the adverse impacts of poor nutrition on the individual and small populations. It will then examine ways to make affordable and nourishing food readily available in alternative forms such as a powdered drink mix or fortified food bars.
  • assignment_indByrd, M.  “The Urgency of Studying Prion Diseases” 
    With this poster, I will be sharing my research concerning Prion proteins and related diseases based on research from the Centers for Disease Control and Johns Hopkins University. Included will be information about what a Prion protein is, how one can be infected with a Prion protein, the common human and animal diseases caused by Prion proteins, and why Prions are so hard to study. It will also explain why the stydy of Prions is important for “new beginnings” in the treatment of these protein-related brain diseases. There is no current treatment or effective way of slowing down their pathogenesis.
  • assignment_indCarter, S. “Flöte zu Flûte à Flute: A Survey of Transverse \& Vertical Flute Terminology in London, 1575-1820”  “Flöte zu Flûte à Flute: A Survey of Transverse \& Vertical Flute Terminology in London, 1575-1820” 
    Historical documents from the early modern period refer to transverse flute and vertical flute – known today as the flute and recorder – using many overlapping terms. This makes it difficult to determine which instrument a musical piece or book may be referencing, which, in turn, puts the accuracy of a performer’s interpretation or a researcher’s work in jeopardy. While some scholarship that attempts to clarify these discrepancies exist, the research often fails to track the nomenclature’s development. This convenience-sampled survey of flute-related primary source documents from the Riemenschneider Bach Institute and Dayton C. Miller collections published in London between 1575-1820 looks at how terminology used in reference to the transverse and vertical flute evolved in England. By analyzing the terms’ evolution, this study not only provides observations on shifts in nomenclature, but it also prompts numerous topics of further study, opening the door for further flute-specific etymological research.
  • assignment_indCoutcher, M.  “The Influence of Parenting Style on Help-Seeking Behaviors and Mental Health in Adolescence” 
    This study investigated the relationship between parenting style, mental health, and help- seeking behaviors in adolescence based on an online survey distributed to college students. The study consisted of questions on demographics, mental health, family relations, and a version of the Parenting Styles and Dimension Questionnaire – Short Form which was used to collect data on the parenting style participants were raised with. The researchers hypothesized that participant’s that grew up with more authoritarian parents, those that exhibited lower warmth and granting of autonomy but higher strictness, would be more likely to suffer from mental health issues but less likely to exhibit help-seeking behaviors. Results indicate that those with authoritarian parents had higher suicidality, less help-seeking behaviors, and were more likely to have more negative mental health outcomes. These results can help to develop strategies for promoting health and well-being in youth and families.
  • assignment_indCrum, M.  “"They Can’t Vaccinate Me”“ 
    For my project, I mirrored the approach that practitioners of law use, and applied it to the contemporary problem we are faced with in the vaccine mandates. I started by analyzing the facts involved in a series of historical cases starting with Jacobson v. Massachusetts, through cases such as Roe v. Wade, and even up to more recently the Roman Catholic Diocese v. Cuomo. Using experts in the fields of law and philosophy, including Assistant Law Director Michael Brown, Ethics Professor Cheryl McKinley, and Law \& Ethics Professor Dr. Paul Sukys, I have attempted to determine the legality and ethical defensibility of the vaccine mandates.
  • assignment_indEnge, L.  "Composting the Middleman: Institutional Food Waste in Wilmington, Ohio” 
    Food waste is so often discussed at the consumer level, but what would happen if it was rather addressed at the institutional level? The City of Wilmington, Ohio, owns and operates its landfill and must follow EPA intake limits which it is barely falls under. As the City is set to grow, how can the landfill handle the growth of trash? Examining food waste at local schools, grocery stores, and restaurants allows for one way the City could not only divert waste from the landfill but also be more sustainable.
  • assignment_indGodin, R. & Ph.D., M.  “Towards Improving Protein-RNA Complex Predictions Using Hot Spot Residues” 
    Protein-RNA interactions are becoming increasingly important through the design of novel biomedical devices and therapies which rely on protein-RNA binding. For example, investigators have developed RNA aptamers that bind protein biomarkers on Ebola, Ricin, and COVID-19, and they are actively investigating using these “chemical antibodies” in diagnostics and therapeutics. However, methods for developing these aptamers are currently limiting. While experimental approaches are powerful, they are too laborious to keep up with the profusion of protein-RNA complexes that exist in nature or are generated de novo. While in-silico complex prediction methods could potentially alleviate this bottleneck, these methods are currently unreliable in the absence of some experimental data. Here, we present a novel computational workflow we have developed to help address this bottleneck that couples high-temperature molecular dynamics simulations with the formation of high energy \pi-interactions.
  • assignment_indGreenlaw, E.  “The Pandemic of Elder Abuse” 
    Elder abuse is a phenomenon being more recognized as a prevalent problem internationally. Elder abuse includes negligence and physical, emotional, financial, or sexual harm done to older adults by those responsible for their care. If unnoticed, elder abuse can cause financial devastation and take a toll on the physical health of the elderly, leading to physical injury, early death and placement in nursing homes. Elder abuse hurts social relations and can lead to the isolation of the elderly from important social connections and the destruction of family. This poster examines forms of elder abuse and their effects on victims.
  • assignment_indGullet, C., Giudici, A. & Romberger, S.  “A Characterized Ferricyanide Assay Leads to Improved Isolation of Intact Chloroplasts” 
    Plant-based photosynthesis occurs in an organelle called the chloroplast. Because of their widespread availability, spinach chloroplasts are a well characterized model system. In this work, we have redeveloped the classic ferricyanide assay for use with a JTS-10 pump probe spectrophotometer and optimized it for chlorophyll and reactant concentrations, cuvette characteristics, actinic intensity, and detection wavelength. The redeveloped assay became the metric for improving the protocol for isolating intact chloroplasts. The improved isolation increased the percentage of intact chloroplasts and decreased amounts of particulate residue in the final sample. Finally, cryoprotectants and pesticides as photosynthetic inhibitors was investigated.
  • assignment_indHeer, W.  “The Effects of Family and Media Influence on People Today” 
    This paper follows the extent of two sources of influence on our lives in the modern day: traditional/family influence and the media. This paper is the culmination of months of research into popular and academic sources, coupled with interviews from everyday people and those in the field. Popular sources such as parental blogs and news articles provided a solid base, while the academic sources such as databases, research findings, and other sources provided the overall data. However, the interview aspect of the research process provided much needed and valuable data and context into the whole process. People today are influenced a great deal by many outside sources, but mainly by family and media influence. These two influences make up a great part of the molding that goes into what makes us who we are today, giving us our base set of morals and values, also our view into the world today. Throughout our early lives the lessons taught to us by our parents are the same ones that their parents taught them, continuing the cycle, while modern media works to show the world through their view, influencing people’s mindsets.
  • assignment_indHonaker, J.  ““Freely Feeling” — Somatosensation” 
    “Freely Feeling” is an interactive theater exhibit designed to make theater and multi-disciplinary storytelling accessible to those with visual impairments. After listening to people with various disabilities talk about inclusive design in objects used in everyday life, I was stuck on how functional design could be used to improve the lives of people with disabilities. This presentation shows how functional design can be applied to the arts, leveraging my experience in theatrical design. Many people with disabilities are deprived of artistic and social experiences that an ableist society has designed, and this presentation will explain a project designed to bring theater to a group of people often left out of it. The project uses concepts of functional design to construct a series of boxes and objects, which guide audience members through a story. The audience relies primarily on tactile input to guide the story instead of visual input.
  • assignment_indKruger, N.  “Die Anywhere Else” 
    Industrial decline is a universal theme throughout the Rust Belt, including my small hometown of Mancelona, Michigan. A factory employing about 300 people closed in 2008, leaving behind nothing but a ruined concrete slab. I took this post-industrial heritage and turned it into a small shelter design honoring where this region has been, and where it is hopefully going.
  • assignment_indLaPointe, S.  “Patients Should Know What Is Going on in Their Mouths: A Comparison Between Metal Amalgams and Porcelain Fillings” 
    Modern dentists have turned away from using metal amalgams. Instead, most professionals are implementing ceramics to fill dental caries, or cavities. Comparing published research, metal amalgams that are often made with silver and mercury were contrasted against porcelain fillings. The use of durable metal amalgams has declined within the past century due to environmental and health concerns regarding the large amount of mercury that is used in the metal mixture. Porcelain fillings have risen in popularity since they do not expand, and they can match the shade of a patient’s natural tooth. In conclusion, the dental community is primarily using porcelain fillings because amalgam fillings are hazardous due to the presence of mercury.
  • assignment_indLaws, K.  “The Effects of Melatonin on Corpus Luteum Cysts” 
    Melatonin is an excellent free radical scavenger and has been proven to ease the symptoms associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Many women of reproductive age develop ovarian issues such as corpus luteum cysts, which most commonly stem from problems in ovarian function. The goal of this research is to determine whether melatonin can be used as an alternative prevention method for corpus luteum cysts, along with other ovarian issues.
  • assignment_indLinden, M., Sears, A., Foust, D., Elsten, S. & Calvert, M.  “Using Terror Management Framework to Understand Risk Perceptions, Health Behaviors, and Individual Differences during the COVID-19 Pandemic” 
    Considering the situation posed by the COVID-19 pandemic wherein people have been faced with ongoing reminders of and threats to their mortality, our study aimed to examine the relationships among risk attitude, health anxiety, individual differences (i.e., age and education), prosocialness, cautionary behaviors, and COVID-19 risk perception using terror management framework. Cultural worldview beliefs (i.e., liberalism and religious importance) were also examined as moderators between COVID-19 risk perception and cautionary behaviors as well as prosocialness. Data was collected from 217 participants using an online self-report survey. Results showed support for previous research regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to providing new insights regarding cautionary behaviors and perceived COVID-19 risk, along with the use of terror management framework as a means of understanding health perceptions and behaviors during the ongoing pandemic.
  • assignment_indMiller, J.  “The Dangers of Aesthetically Motivated Breeding in Canines” 
    Selective breeding by humans prioritizes what people find to be desired traits in dogs, but the health of certain breeds suffers as a result. The purpose of my research is to examine the effects that aesthetically motivated dog breeding has had on canine health, and to explore crossbreeding as an option to improve the health of affected breeds.
  • assignment_indMontilla, D.  “The Cure for Medical Debt: An Analysis of The U.S. Healthcare System” 
    Medical debt is the top cause of U.S. bankruptcy. Healthcare costs are a major political, economic, and social issue, yet the subject remains neglected by entities with access to promote change. This project uses academic, popular, and interview-based research to provide an understanding of the causes, effects, and potential solutions to medical debt. It critically analyzes the U.S. healthcare system and focuses on its fundamental deficiencies and growth over the years. Through interviews with Central Ohio healthcare providers, social workers, and patients, this project presents a national but regional perspective on the issue, with the hope to motivate local collective action.
  • assignment_indMorgan, H.  “An Analysis of Amazonian Deforestation and Its Impact on Ateles chamek, Atelocynus microtis, and Harpia harpyja” 
    Amazonian deforestation becomes difficult to combat as humans rely on the Amazon for natural resources. Ateles chamek, Atelocynus microtis, and Harpia harpyja are among the wood species most affected, as local populations increasingly rely on trees for survival. When habitat fragmentation occurs, lives are put at risk. This poster synthesizes methodologies for determining habitat loss and its effect on populations of spider monkeys, wild dogs, and harpy eagles. It helps to begin to identify appropriate protective measures for these habitats, which are so vital for our collective future.
  • assignment_indNoh, A.  “Art as a Means of Social Activism” 
    Art has been an instrument of social influence throughout history. When created in the political atmosphere, art often takes the form of propaganda, social commentary, and/or activism. The current political environment has led to a surge in social movements similar to those of the 1960s and 1970s. Many of these social movements focus on equity and justice for communities that have been previously marginalized. Most of my work utilizes painting, printmaking, and mixed media to bring awareness to social problems such as the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, the sex work stigma, mental health stigma, disability, and police brutality.
  • assignment_indNtim, C., Dixon, C. & Ntim, L. “The Psychology of Attraction: Do Opposites Attract or Distract?”  “The Psychology of Attraction: Do Opposites Attract or Distract?” 
    Attraction is the precursor to many relationships, both friendly and romantic. However, popular aphorisms about relationships lead to confusion about what really leads to attraction. Is it “birds of a feather flock together” or “opposites attract”? In this presentation, we investigate the psychology behind attraction. Specifically, we outline the impact of proximity, similarity, reciprocity, and appearance. Further, we will analyze different groups in order to illustrate these factors and validate theories of attraction. The results of our research will allow the navigation of social situations with a higher understanding, leading to more diverse relationships.
  • assignment_indPaprocki, D.  “COVID-19 Isolates Students in Resident Hall: COVID-19 Care Package Relief Program” 
    In Fall 2020, the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Honors Program in conjunction with the Honors Student Association proposed, planned, and carried through with a “COVID-19 Care Package Relief Program.” This program was aimed at assisting the emotional and physical health of quarantined students by creating care packages containing essential items, as well as handwritten notes of support. Many quarantined students felt isolated and craved additional supplies, and the Honors Program worked efficiently to meet the needs of peers in quarantine. This student-initiated project allowed Honors Students to showcase their different skillsets to make a positive impact on the campus community. It is, therefore, a model of how students can initiate service-learning opportunities that allow them to help others on campus, and to become action-oriented leaders within their communities.
  • assignment_indParthemer, A.  “Eating Disorder Misconceptions” 
    Eating disorders are mental disorders that cause an unnatural relationship between a person and food. Eating disorders affect about 9\% of the United States population. That is why it is important to know and understand these disorders and how it is a result of the pressure by standards of perfect body images. This poster presents common misconceptions of eating disorders, the way they affect treatment and diagnosis, and how they are often a psychological perception rather than strictly a medical one. Some of these misconceptions include the age, gender, and size of the patient. Another misconception is that all treatment strategies are the same for every person; therefore, the effectiveness of treatment is hindered. Overall, it is important to see eating disorders as a mental disorder rather than a strictly medical condition, and this clarification helps in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • assignment_indScott, R.  “Healthcare In Ohio: A National Crisis” 
    The United States has a lower quality of healthcare compared to countries of similar wealth and resources. This lower quality is coupled with poorer results—a lower life expectancy, more avoidable deaths, and higher rates of chronic disease and suicide. We spend much more on private insurance and out-of-pocket treatment costs, and healthcare is still unaffordable to many. Additionally, the inequality in health outcomes across minority groups has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. What can be done to address the disparities of our healthcare system? Through examining Ohio’s healthcare in comparison to the United States as a whole, we can determine what areas are most lacking in support and develop a plan to address these concerns.
  • assignment_indSherpa, C. & Rudebusch, D.  “Synthesis of a Key Building Block for a Metal-Like Carbon-Based Compound” 
    Organic radicals have free or unpaired electrons. They have unique properties while also being highly reactive to air and water. Biradicals are organic compounds that have two unpaired electrons. Our goal is to synthesize a key building block, cinnamoyl anthracene, which will be used to make our final compound, dicyclopentaanthracene (DCA). By synthesizing this compound, we will learn more about its interesting properties. We used air-free organic synthesis to synthesize cinnamoyl anthracene and NMR spectroscopy to confirm the identity. Future work is required to make our final DCA compound.
  • assignment_indSmith, K.  “Aggregate Expenditure Amid COVID-19” 
    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the US economy has been far reaching and has arguably led to an economic recession. This project examines the current US economy using the Aggregate Expenditure Model created by John Maynard Keynes to combat economic recession during the Great Depression. This model counteracts recessions by adding money to spend from the government, or expenditures, into the economy, which creates more opportunities to increase production and employment. This project examines the United States’ current economy through constructing the US expenditure function to show how did the Keynesian theory help end the COVID created recession.
  • assignment_indSouthern, M., Biology, D., M.S., E. & M.S., J.  “Preliminary Description of the Histology and Ultrastructure of the Integument of the Two-lined Salamander, Eurycea bislineata” 
    The focal point of this poster is to describe the histology and ultrastructure of the skin and the complex glands found within the dermis of the two-lined salamander. The morphology of the integument and its glands within this salamander will allow us to better understand the potential physiology and environmental role of the skin, and will allow for a comparative analysis of the two-lined salamander skin to that of other plethodontids. The integument is of particular interest in E. bislineata because it is a lungless species; therefore, the integument might have structures that are specialized and aid this amphibian in breathing through the skin. The glands also provide defense in terms of noxious secretions that are protective. The data collected in this study can be used by other researchers as a preliminary research tool and a histological depiction of the glands and basic microanatomy of the skin in the two-lined salamander and other lungless salamanders.
  • assignment_indWolfgram, J.  “Phosphorus Extraction from Sediment for NMR Analysis” 
    Past research on phosphorus has focused primarily on the quantity of the element in aquatic ecosystems, but speciation of P can provide details such as bioavailability and source. The chemical type of P dictates sorption behavior in sediment. However, traditional assays do not readily ascertain speciation. This work analyzed P speciation by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) after applying various extraction techniques. While orthophosphate was effectively extracted by all methods tested, additional P forms were found with the Olsen and SEDEX methods. The presence of reduced P forms indicates that more in-depth analyses of speciation may aid in better understanding P biogeochemistry, thus assisting in the mitigation of eutrophication in aquatic systems.
  • assignment_indZalt, A.  “Understanding the Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Children Who Have Experienced Commercial Sexual Exploitation” 
    The impact of adverse childhood experience (ACEs) on later-life well-being is well-known and empirically supported. Among children belonging to groups associated as high risk for ACE occurrence, research suggests that children who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC) are at a particularly heightened risk. With a sample of 227 children who were confirmed to have experienced CSEC or were at risk for it, this study was largely an analysis of the contributions of individual ACEs in the explanation of adverse mental health outcomes (e.g., depression, anxiety, etc.). The final multivariate analysis revealed that only witnessing family violence and the lack of strong and meaningful interpersonal relationships significantly predicted adverse mental health outcomes. Clinical implications include intervention and services which seek to reduce domestic violence occurrence and strengthen a child’s interpersonal relationships.