Guidelines on Paper submissions – 2023

Student Presentation Guidelines

Present at MEHA 2023!

Presenting at MEHA 2023

Important Dates

  • Submissions due: Jan 18, 2023

Proposal Types

At the Mid-East Honors Association conference, papers are presented as part of a three- or four- person panel session that lasts 50 minutes. Each student presentation should be 10-12 minutes long to ensure everyone is heard and time is left for questions and answers. When it is a speaker’s turn, they will be broadcast to everyone in the room. A moderator will be assigned to introduce the speakers, manage time and facilitate the questions. Reading papers straight from the page is discouraged. Instead, summarize the material from your paper and highlight key points. You will be able to show slides or videos via screenshare. To make the strongest impact, plan and rehearse your presentation. Typically one page of double-spaced written text takes about two minutes to read, so a paper of 5-6 pages maximum is an appropriate length.

Creative writing presentations: Students may submit poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction in order to participate in a session devoted to creative writing readings. Follow the guidelines above for fiction and creative non-fiction submissions. Poets should submit no more than six to eight poems. Time limit for each reading: 10-12 minutes.

Round tables and workshops are more interactive than either of the other two formats.

Round tables should have 3-5 students prepared to discuss a topic with the audience. In a typical session, each member of the round table gives a brief (5 min or less) introduction, and the rest of the session is open for discussion.


Workshops ought to be hands-on experiences.

We welcome students who have been accepted for an oral presentations to submit a full-length paper to the best student paper award.

Information about how to submit will be included in the acceptance notification.