Present 2020

Submissions Open:

Sept 30, 2019

Submissions Due:

Feb 15, 2020

Present at MEHA20

Honors students, faculty, staff, and administrators attending MEHA represent a variety of academic disciplines. Some are passionate about science; others are passionate about art. Some come from private institutions; others come from public institutions. So each year we have a conference filled with backgrounds, interests, talents, and expertise that varies more than one institution alone ever would.

This year’s conference is designed to bring participants together in a meaningful way to find our futures. As such, we invite ambitious and forward thinking proposals. The Mid-East Honors Association committee seeks proposals that demonstrate excellence in

• research
• honors pedagogy
• creative projects
• unique learning approaches
• Honors issues related to the conference theme
• and more

Student submissions can include oral or poster/visual art presentations. Student poster presentations and paper submissions in association with an oral presentation will be awarded a prize.

The proposal submission period ends Jan. 15. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis from January through the first of March.

Presentation Guidelines

General Information applicable to all proposals

• Proposals may be submitted in only one category. The same proposal may not be submitted in multiple categories.
• The same proposal may not be submitted by different main presenters.
• Duplicate submissions will not be reviewed.
• Valid, unique emails must be provided for all proposers.
• Proposals require a brief abstract or summary of the proposed presentation, limited to a maximum of 250 characters.

For Students

Student Presentations

  • Presentations lasting 10-12 minutes.

  • 3 or 4 presentations will be scheduled in a 50-minute block. A moderator will be present to keep the presentations on time and ensure there is enough time for questions at the end.

  • Students may submit poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction in order to participate in a session devoted to creative writing readings.

  • Readings should be completed with the 10-12 minute time period.

Panel of 3-5 students sharing views on a single topic of interest from different perspectives.

Student Posters

    • All posters will be presented during a single 45 minute poster session. 

    • Students stand near their posters and present them to passersby.

    • The standard size for posters is 36 inches x 48 inches. They must be printed before the conference

    • See ‘poster guidelines’ for guidelines on creating an effective poster

  • Will be presented during the poster session, but likely in an adjacent space

  • Original works of art, or high resolution facsimiles, should be available for others to view.

For Faculty and Staff

Best Practices in Honors Education


50-minute sessions for faculty and staff to share ideas and practices.

Students welcome to be part of the panel or round table, but this must be lead by faculty or staff. For a student-led panel, see ‘Student Papers’ above.

1-hour focused meeting spanning that will attract a significant group of people interested in a common topic for an intense, interactive, informational discussion.

Submitting Proposals

All proposals must be submitted electronically via myMEHA. You will need to enter a presentation description and an abstract.  The presentation description will be printed in the conference program and must be no longer than 50 words. The abstract allows for greater elaboration of your work and should be no more than 200 words. The abstract should include a description of the importance of your work, your objectives, your methods, and your results, recommendations and/or conclusions.

Note: all presenters must still complete their conference registration as well. Please visit myMEHA to register for the conference. We will consider proposal submissions prior to presenters’ conference registration, but will expect all accepted presenters to register prior to the conference.