Benefits of a MEHA Membership

While some benefits depend on the membership type you’re looking for, a number of benefits exist for all members:

  • Our annual conference provides an outstanding opportunity for your students to interact with honors program students from institutions across the Southeast.

  • Students often find that the conference allows them to combine attention to their chosen discipline with honors experiences that are better than national or state conferences.

  • Regional connections can be very rewarding. Networking opportunities are important for students and faculty members alike, and honors directors and deans find learning about best practices from colleagues at other institutions to be invaluable.

  • We emphasize the value of student presentations, and we can accept more student papers for oral presentations than has been possible at recent national conferences.

  • Becoming a MEHA member allows you to receive discounts on conference registration fees which can more than offset the cost of the annual institutional dues.

  • We provide scholarship funds for honors students from MEHA member schools who are participating in the Honors Semester or Partners in the Park programs of the National Collegiate Honors Council and small grant opportunities can help fund new features or projects for your honors program.

  • As a MEHA member, your students receive the ability to be published in Brainchild, a regional literary and arts publication affiliated with the Mid-East Honors Association. Institutional members will receive 10 copies upon release.

  • Opportunities to serve on the MEHA Executive Committee and voting rights in MEHA elections and business meetings.

MEHA Institutional Membership

Any post-secondary institution with accreditation or recognized candidacy may hold membership. Institutional Members receive the following:

  • Voting Privileges: The ability to send one voting representative to annual meetings.
  • Email Subscription: Institutional Members receive a subscription to the MEHA email newsletter for one email account.
  • Discounted Conference Registration Fees: Institutional Members receive discounted registration fees for attending the annual conference.
  • Affiliated Membership: All students, faculty, and staff within an affiliated institution are considered affiliate members, which permits them to receive the discounted registration rate.
  • Brainchild Magazine: Your students are able to be published in this regional magazine, and your institution will automatically receive 10 copies.