A Starving America

41 million Americans, 12.3% of the country’s population face issues with not having enough food. While many Americans go without meals, in a year it is estimated that 40% of the food supply in the United States is thrown out. We could be using this food to feed people in need. My research works to find a solution to redistribute the food that is being wasted to people in need through charities.Workers from large corporations have spoken out through social media about the massive food waste. To put it into perspective, at one Dunkin Donuts location an average of 36o donuts are thrown out each day. There are certain laws put into place that do not allow companies to donate wasted food. If we could change these laws and redirect the food waste to charities, the food waste in America would be much lower. Society should care a lot more about this problem because we have more than enough food available, yet people are starving. A perfect Utopia would be cautious of their food waste and feed their starving citizens. American society should find more ways to be proactive in preventing food waste.