Climate Change in America

Climate change is the biggest problem facing our planet. The year 2020 was tied for being the hottest year on record. Rising temperatures means increased heat, less ice, drought, formidable hurricanes, extreme wildfires, extended heat waves, and tremendous insect outbreaks. Six in ten Americans are “alarmed” or “concerned” about climate change; this number has doubled within the past five years. Currently, more than 500 global companies have decided to set climate goals based on the best available science. The Paris Climate Agreement has been working with nearly 200 countries to reduce emissions and keep temperature rise below two degrees Celsius. When the Trump Administration pulled America out of the agreement, several Governors created the Climate Alliance. The Climate Alliance set specific state goals surrounding climate change. My research will delve into the Climate Alliance and the progress participating states have made growing clean energy economies, improving public health, and building more resilient communities. My research will further examine how states can reduce greenhouse emissions, push for better energy efficiency, accelerate policies for zero emission vehicles, and more. The impacts of climate change are global and unprecedented; it is, by far, the defining issue of our time.