Cold War Negotiations: Reagan’s Take on an “Evil Empire”

The Cold War, a 45-year silent battle between the United States and the Soviet Union, came to a peaceful end in the early 1990’s. This war was a defining moment in our nation’s history. It was not merely a nuclear arms struggle: it was a struggle of ideals and fundamental values. Its peaceful end was due, in large part, to the negotiations of the United States’ fortieth president, Ronald Reagan. Reagan believed firmly in the principles of freedom, and the idea that if a society is to be great, it can only be great under God. The position he took in the Cold War negotiations rose from a belief that socialism is fundamentally evil and must be stopped. He pursued an unwavering policy of peace through strength against an expanding Soviet nation. It is the researcher’s hope that by sharing information gathered from a wide range of sources, including some written by Reagan himself, we will discover the fundamental principles held by Reagan and see their effect on this defining moment of our history.