Detroit: repurpose or demolish?

Detroit: repurpose or demolish? What once was a hub for business and city life faced years of decline due to the loss of automotive jobs, financial stumbles, racial tensions, and leadership missteps. Fortunately, Detroit is taking on new blood and a broad vision to breathe life into abandoned buildings and find purpose in historical, albeit condemned buildings. Architecture is more versatile than most believe and can adapt to fit multiple needs, not just its originally intended purpose. Places that were once grand hotels or the largest train stations in America sit abandoned, ready to be repurposed or demolished. This problem is not only in Detroit, which is known for its expanse of abandoned homes, businesses, and other buildings. Cities are facing a crisis that deals with historical architecture— deciding if it is worth it to demolish a piece of history or repurpose and rescue it. My research will show architecture in Detroit and other places have it within them to provide a multiplicity of uses; it just takes a bit of vision to see beyond the decay toward a new, different, and creative future.