Gender Identity

As we go into 2021 people are becoming much more open minded to other people and other people’s opinions. One topic that is being discussed more and more is gender identity or how people view their gender. In the past people have not been as open and understanding to people’s preference and identity. Even to this day people aren’t as understanding as they could be. What I hear is, “I don’t understand it but I support you”. People should understand gender identity, or at least take the time to understand why it is so important to understand it. How you view yourself mentally, emotionally and physically affect your relationships and your social experiences. People going through a difference in what they see versus what they feel can affect someone psychologically to the point that they take their own life because of it. Understanding the nuances of gender identity can help bring people together and bring everyone to a common ground. Having a better understanding of what transgender, and people questioning, can help society come together instead of having to hide in a group to be able to feel comfortable.