Honors College Engagement: Planning Events with a Universal Call to Action

The Honors College is composed of a plethora of students from various disciplines, majors, and backgrounds. One of the most valuable aspects of being in the program is the chance to build connections with students from areas of study outside of your own. Honors social and volunteer events provide even more opportunities to build those connections. Many events can have special appeal to different majors, such as volunteering opportunities at a hospital that appeal widely to nursing students, Science Olympiad volunteering opportunities that attract engineering students, and Brain Awareness Day volunteer opportunities that call out to biology and psychology majors. It is also important to create events that have large universal appeal, such as an ice cream social where students can come to socialize and relax, a tree planting event where students can unite over the common goal of helping the environment, or a fundraiser walk that calls on Honors students to plan, research, and market. In other words, opportunities that call students to bring a variety of different skills together. In this roundtable presentation, we will discuss the process of generating more social/volunteer events with wider appeal, and facilitating more students to interact with each other and build relationships.