Honors Intercollegiate Connections Program

The goal of the Honors Intercollegiate Connections program is for students to have thought-provoking conversations and build meaningful connections with honors students from other universities. Designed to match students based on majors and other shared interests, students will have the opportunity to share knowledge from classes, conferences, research, and other sources related to their career goals, helping them to start growing their professional network while still undergraduates. Additionally, this program will give students the chance to build relationships with those from different backgrounds, creating an added layer of support for students and an outlet to share their experiences, successes, and hardships. With built-in flexibility for various degrees of engagement, students can utilize this program to create a simple connection with another student or take advantage of all resources provided to them to share knowledge on their intended career aspirations. Overall, the students from various universities will be engaging with one another and hopefully creating connections that will last a lifetime. Through my honors experience, I have connected with countless peers, creating a network of individuals that has helped me succeed and achieve my goals. Hopefully through this program, students from other universities can find that support system as well!