Morality and Law: Enemies or Friends?

With a future interest in a law career, I wanted to look at the connection between morality and law. Do these two areas work together, or do they counter each other? Questions such as these were asked when I had the chance to interview two attorneys, one judge, and a philosophy professor about their own experiences when dealing with morality and law. The goal of this project was not to necessarily find specific answers to these questions. It was more about looking at the different views of these professionals and listening to their experiences when dealing with conflicting morals and the law. There were many areas in which they disagreed or interpreted things differently. However, there was an evident pattern when it came to certain areas. The consensus among these individuals was that we must always strive to make the best choice for the rights of the majority of the people. Most of them also believed that if the people feel laws are unjust, they should first try and change them through the legal system. If this does not work, only then should they resort to disobeying the law. However, they should try to do so peacefully. Lastly, they agreed that the people must also recognize that disobedience comes with legal consequences. Again, there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to the questions being asked. Many of these questions will remain unanswered or disputed for many years to come.