Personality Correlates of Gaming and Pornography Use

The purpose of this study was to investigate why individuals with certain personality traits are more likely to engage in excessive internet use behaviors. We specifically examined gaming and pornography use in relation to the personality variables anxiety, impulsivity, narcissism, sexual narcissism, and Type D personality. Consistent with previous research, results found that gaming use had a significant positive correlation with anxiety and impulsivity. Additionally, we found significant positive relationships between pornography use and impulsivity, narcissism, and sexual narcissism. A new contribution to the literature is our finding that Type D personality was associated with higher gaming use. Despite falling under the umbrella of problematic internet use behaviors, gaming and pornography use appear to be quite distinct; we found only impulsivity to be correlated to both gaming and pornography. Moreover, regression analysis showed impulsivity significantly predicted gaming use while sexual narcissism significantly predicted pornography use. Further research is needed to determine the extent to which gaming and pornography use are coping mechanisms for people with certain personality characteristics such as these; however, we conclude that understanding the personality variables associated with gaming and pornography use may be helpful in mitigating the risk of developing problematic or addictive internet use behaviors.