The Circadian Rhythms of Drosophila Compared to Bean Beetles and Flour Beetles

Sleep is a very essential part of many different species. Each has its own specific sleep wake cycle called a Circadian rhythm that repeats itself every 24 hours. Due to the differences in sleep patterns, there are many questions as to why certain creatures sleep at select times. Utilizing a laser recording device and computer software to monitor wakefulness, this research sought to analyze the differences and possible similarities between the Circadian rhythms of Drosophila (fruit flies), bean beetles, and flour beetles. To start the experiment, sixteen of each specimen were collected and put into separate tubes. Next, a laser device that measures the specimen’s movement was connected to a laptop. At the end of two weeks, the data was analyzed. The results proved disappointing yet very enlightening. The flies in both groups had died and corrupted the data. Despite this unexpected set back, further research discovered vital improvements, such as the use of dry ice, that would keep the flies alive in future labs. While experiments often produce unexpected results, the lessons learned are no less valuable. Thank you for reviewing my submission and I hope to see you soon at the conference.