The Erasure of Social Norms and Stereotypes

Socially constructed norms and blanket stereotypes have plagued societies worldwide since the beginning of time. According to BBC, United States hate crimes are currently at an all-time high and have been soaring over the past decade. Through hate-inspired, constructed social norms, marginalized groups of people experience various degrees of animosity due to their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religious beliefs, age, and/or other aspects of human difference. Social norms were formed on the false belief that everyone who identifies with a particular group(s) acts/believes/lives a certain way— a set of unspoken “rules” that not only prevents inclusion and acceptance but also brings about persecution for human beings subjected to these repulsive beliefs and acts. The recent events of the Black Lives Matter movement, showed the world that these abhorrent stereotypes and despicable constructed norms are finally being fought to be erased. My research not only exposes these ill beliefs but also works to create solutions, a social practice if you will, to help people not only erase false beliefs but also prevent such hate-inspired norms to be constructed again.