The Hitchhiker’s Guide to No Man’s Land

The internet has been one of the most impactful technological innovations to date. Platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Amazon have redefined the way we communicate, store information, shop, relax, read, and improve our lives. The internet is huge, almost 1,200 petabytes (1.2 Million Terabytes)! However, no one really “owns” the internet. Instead, this cyberspace is a conglomerate of service providers, hosts, home/work computers, smart devices, cell phones, and users like you. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to No Man’s Land will help you understand your place and how the impacts of real-world decisions will affect the way you use and access the internet. Our goal is to get us one step closer to a Eutopia in this Utopia. This workshop will cover several important topics including Online Communication, Cyber-Law, Decentralization and Privacy.