The Public’s View on Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted practices in all of scientific research. I used a public survey to determine just how misunderstood genetic engineering really is. Using 16 agree/disagree questions, I was able to understand if participants agreed or disagreed with the morality of the practices. I found that many individuals did not even know what genetic engineering is. This made it difficult for participants to form an opinion about the morality of genetic engineering. Generally, individuals overwhelmingly supported the use of genetic engineering practices in fields such as agriculture and medicine. However, many individuals still did not understand what the practice even is. The morality of genetic engineering has long been a hot topic of debate. Therefore, the public must be informed on the practices and understand the benefits and possible disadvantages of genetic engineering. In order for individuals to fully understand the purpose, benefits, and potential dangers of genetic engineering, there must be more education on the concepts of genetic engineering.