Using Process Revision for a Greener Future

With the increasing anxiety surrounding global warming, it is becoming increasingly important to care for the closest thing to a utopia (in the conventional sense) that we have, our earth. In my dual roles as an Honors student and an employee at northern Kentucky’s Sanitation District #1 (SD1), I have gained a deeper understanding of the wastewater treatment process that prevents 100,000 pounds of waste from entering the Ohio River daily. I also am aware that improving efficiency within this complex system—limiting wastefulness, conserving water and energy, and cutting costs—is a constant challenge. After many shifts spent sampling and monitoring, then speaking with fellow employees, supervisors, and managers, and finally, working with my faculty/mentor at Mount St. Joseph University, I have identified process revisions utilizing various components of Lean Six Sigma that could benefit SD1 and the entire community. I am excited at the prospect of sharing my findings at the MEHA conference. Thank you for your consideration.