Utopia through volunteering

In the context of utopia, unity is thought of as the state where all individuals are working together to complete a common goal. Lack of unity has been a significant issue plaguing our community, and one way to combat it is through volunteering. It is established that volunteering represents unity among community members. Therefore, the more volunteering that is done equates to a greater amount of unity. This study aims to prove how unity is promoted and gained through volunteering, and to show that individuals should volunteer more to promote and participate in unity.

To test my hypothesis that volunteering equates to a greater amount of unity, a survey was distributed to several individuals located at different colleges in Michigan. The respondents were asked to answer several questions, which overall divided them into separate categories. Responses were analyzed and charted properly display the data collected. Along with the survey, research was conducted using outside credible resources to validate the hypothesis. The results and the research suggest that volunteering represents unity. Individuals who have participated in any activity that required volunteering, charted that they were working as a team and working together towards a common goal.