Write Your History: 60 Years of Honors

Astra and Haley describe the importance of Honors students creating the history of their program rather than leaving it to professionals. Sam and Corry will talk about the double objective of creating a video and book about the history of the Ball State University Honors College for dissemination in accessible public forums. Moreover, they describe their collaboration with the professor and community stakeholders in telling their story. Sara and Julian describe and show the video and book while describing their contents. Molly and Isaiah describe their recommendations of not trying to do an ambitious project in a pandemic and capturing the history of the voices of both leadership and students on your campus before they are not able to tell their own story. Evan and Shania render conclusions about the importance of changing perceptions from the time they started and what they thought the story was to how their thinking changed about the BSU Honors College by the end of the project.