Volunteer for MEHA 2021

MEHA is run entirely by volunteers, and we’ll need a bunch of them to pull of a virtual event of this scale. If you are interested in volunteering, check out the different positions we’re looking for, and complete the volunteer form linked at the bottom!

  • Review submissions (Feb 1-Feb 22) – read student submissions as they come in, and provide critical and constructive feedback.
  • Check-in table (Mar 25th-Mar 27th) – be the first person to welcome people to Gather. Provide information about the conference and directions to the various rooms.
  • Work as a way-finder / floating helper (Mar 25-27th) – Stand in areas that might be confusing and help people get to their destination.
  • World builder (in Gather.town) (Jan 5th-Mar 25th) – Help construct the 8-bit world of MEHA 2021.  Some technical skill is required, as the world-building interface is not that user-friendly.
  • Organize watch party cultural event (Mar 26th) – Work on developing a suitable virtual cultural event, and hosting it at the conference.
  • Moderate presentations (Mar 25th-27th) – Manage one of the presentations sessions. Introduce each speaker in turn, make sure everyone stays on time, and call on audience members with questions.
  • Approach potential sponsors (Feb 15-Mar 24th) – Approach graduate schools and businesses who might be interested in sponsoring MEHA2021!
Screenshot of entrance to MEHA2021